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Bushfire Awareness
  • Burning regulations
  • How to protect your home
  • What to do during a fire
  • You must never burn . . .
  • Recreational and cooking fires
  • Agricultural or hazard reduction burning

    The Rural Fire Service is a highly trained group of men and women who provide assistance during many emergency situations, including bushfires.

    The primary responsibility for the safety of property and lives lies with you. Below are some recommendations which can help you protect your home and family:

    Burning regulations

    the bushfire danger period extends from October to March each year. During this time there are very strict regulations about the lighting of fires that should be obeyed. The lighting of any fire is prohibited during a total fire ban. You may cook on gas or electric barbecues with certain precautions. At all other times of the year certain types of burning are permitted providing you observe fire conditions.

    How to protect your home

    To prepare your property against bushfire and grass fires you should remember the following information:

    • Clear ground fuels from around the house. This includes dry grass, thick undergrowth, dead leaves and branches.
    • Clear gutters regularly and ensure roofing is firmly fixed and cleaned of dry leaf debris. Screen vents into the roof space with fine wire mesh.
    • Prepare firebreaks. A well-watered lawn can act as a firebreak.
    • Install screens or shutters and enclose under floor areas if possible.
    • Remove all flammable items from around the house. This includes woodpiles, paper, boxes, crates, hanging baskets and wooden garden furniture.
    • Ensure LPG gas tanks are vented away from your house.
    • Place the fire brigade telephone number near the telephone.
    • Ensure that you have sufficient supplies of water and fire fighting equipment.
    • If possible, install heavy-duty hoses with wide spray nozzles. Make sure the hoses are long enough to reach all sides of the house and are attached to taps.
    • If possible, reserve water supplies from tanks, dams or swimming pools around your area. Mains water will be in high demand.
    • Fit a gate valve to water tanks. A 38mm Storz coupling will assist the Bush Fire Brigade.
    • If you have a petrol or diesel portable pump, make sure you check it regularly to ensure it works. Have AG at valve fitted to the pump.
    • Gather buckets, mops, spray backpack units, ladders, rakes and shovels in one place for easy access during a fire.
    • Have a battery-operated radio and torch handy in case of electricity failure.
    • Have a fire safety plan for all members of the family, including pets and animals.
    • When ordered to evacuate by the police you must comply.
    What to do during a fire

    • Rather than calling the emergency services for information, listen to the radio for news of the fire's progress.
    • Dress in protective clothing, drink water frequently.
    • Hose your house and garden, especially on the side of the approaching fire. Turn on the sprinkler system if you have one.
    • Block down pipes and fill gutters with water.
    • Place wet towels and blankets against gaps under doors and windows.
    • Close heavy curtains and shutters if your home has them.
    • As the fire gets closer go inside and remain inside until the fire has passed.
    • Check the roof cavity frequently for any small spot fires.
    • When the fire has passed patrol your property and put out any small spot fires started by flying embers.
    You must never burn...

    • Household rubbish and food waste.
    • Building materials.
    • Industrial and commercial rubbish.
    Recreational and cooking fires

    During a total fire ban, campfires, recreational fires, solid fuel barbecues, ovens and kettles are prohibited. A gas or electric barbecue may be used during a Total Fire Ban provided:

    • It is on a residential property.
    • It is within 20 metres of a house, dwelling or within a Council approved area.
    • It is under the direct control of an adult.
    • The ground within three metres of the barbecue is cleared of all materials which could burn.
    • There is a continuous supply of water available.

    At all other times a campfire or barbecue may be lit for cooking or warmth providing:

    • The fire is in a permanently constructed fire place with at least two metres cleared of any combustible material, or
    • It is at a site with at least three metres cleared of any combustible material.
    • An adult is in attendance at all times.
    • The fire is completely extinguished before leaving.
    Agricultural or hazard reduction burning

    Agricultural burning relates to the removal of stubble or diseased crops and applies only where the property has agricultural land users. Hazard reduction burning can only be conducted where the property has a significant area of bush land on or near to it. Material to be burnt must be natural vegetation only. You must:

    • Obtain a permit to burn during the bushfire danger period. Permits are available from the local Rural Fire Brigade, Fire Control Centre or NSW Fire Brigade Phone: 9654 1244.
    • Provide 24 hours notice, outside the bushfire danger period to the local Rural Fire Brigade, Fire Control Centre or NSW Fire Brigade. Phone: 9654 1244.
    • Give adjoining neighbours at least 24 hours notice.
    • Check with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) about air pollution. No burning is permitted on high pollution days. Phone: 1300 130 520 1300 130 520.
    • Ensure an adult is in attendance at all times.
    • Make sure adequate tap water is available at all times.
    • Clear an area of 4.5 metres around any pile of vegetation.
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