Scavenger Hunt

What exactly is a Scaventure scavenger hunt?

Our scavenger hunts are more than fun. They are great team builders. Given a time frame, a mission, a set of tools and clues, and a playing field, teams communicate, strategize, negotiate, and bond as they compete with other teams. All this is disguised as fun. After the event, your group will have a shared experience, a lot of laughs, and a comedic wrap up or an optional facilitation to bring the event to a successful conclusion.

Who can go on a Scaventure hunt?

Almost anyone, typically from businesses that value and invest in their own people, understand the worth of good relationships with customers and suppliers, or need to motivate and manage teams.

Just some of the typical business scenarios where the Scaventure hunt can be applied:

  1. Celebrate your team's success
  2. Organizational change, such as separate teams being merged or team with a new manager
  3. Building trust with a new client
  4. Team needing to develop new skills or improve existing ones
  5. Team needing a break between demanding periods of work
  6. Newly formed project team
  7. Change direction of an established team
  8. Recover from a service failure with a key customer or supplier
  9. Team 'stuck' and unable to resolve either work or relationship problems
  10. Reward sustained periods of good work
  11. As part of a visit to an office, plant, manufacturer, retailer, or service provider
  12. As part of training or an educational for those in the travel industry
  13. Time out for delegates at a meeting, conference, exhibition, or trade fair
  14. Team seeking to mix business and pleasure
  15. Tackling a business problem off-site
  16. Recruitment and selection
What will my team or business get out of a Scaventure hunt?

Success in building teams is affected by the group, the task, and the environment. What your team derives from the treasure hunt very much depends on them, the business scenario, and the objectives of the specific treasure hunt, but typically:
  1. Team work and co-operation are fostered through friendly competition
  2. Decisions (and mistakes) are made in a safe environment, enabling participants to learn and build confidence
  3. Trust is built through improved departmental, individual, or external relationships
  4. Staff become more aware of themselves and others
  5. Individual potential can be realized or discovered
  6. Leadership, problem solving, planning, and communication skills are tested and developed
  7. Participants are stimulated by experiencing unfamiliar situations and seeing cultural landmarks from a highly interactive perspective
The net result for the business and employees is that increased effectiveness, involvement, motivation, moral,e and knowledge sharing are brought back to the workplace. This provides a good basis for discussion of problems, formulation of new ideas, and quicker implementation of improved work methods-giving your staff more responsibility and motivation, and making your business more adaptable and flexible.

Where do the Scaventure hunts take place?

Almost anywhere you choose. We can even start and end the event in your hotel, conference center, or meeting venue. Islamabad, Murree, Nathiagali, Naran, Shogran, Muzaffarabad, Babusar pass, Shandur, Attock Khurd, Khanpur, Khewra, Soon Sakesar, Lahore, Cholistan Dasert and Gwadar are our favorite locations.

How many people can go on a treasure hunt?

There is no limit on group size (we have done as many as 600). Somewhere in the range of 12-60 people (split into teams of 6-8 members per team) is typical.

How are the teams decided?

You decide. You may wish to use existing teams, mix up existing teams, put specific people together, put people of similar types together, put people of conflicting types together, or do it at random.

How long does a typical treasure hunt last?

Again it's up to you, but we find that 2-1/2 to 3 hours is about right for the hunt itself. Add on the time for any team building theory or team selection, facilitation, score sheet marking, prize giving. If you want to incorporate lunch or dinner (we often do our hunts at night) it's best to allow 4 to 5 hours.

Can the Scaventure hunt be incorporated into another event?

Yes, this is encouraged. The scavenger hunt is a self contained module which can be tailored easily to fit into other activities, such as meetings, site visits, conferences, exhibitions, corporate hospitality, training, themed events, and so on. Different hunts are designed for different venues. Ask us to recommend one for your next event.

How do participants get around during a Scaventure hunt?

In cities, participants would use public transportation or travel by foot. Rail, bus, or underground networks can be utilized to cover main places of interest quickly and efficiently.

Our limousine scavenger hunt takes teams around and can pick up as well as drop off at the location of your choice. A reasonable amount of walking is also necessary-how much depends on how the teams tackle the problem.

Treasure hunts at resorts and conference centers are done by foot.

What about prizes?

Prizes can be provided as part of the Scaventure hunt, and will incur an additional cost. We often find that companies prefer to give their own corporate goodies or fun prizes or combine the prize giving as part of a wider award ceremony recognizing staff achievements.

How much does it cost?

Each Scaventure hunt is unique, designed around your needs and priced on an individual basis.

Location, group size, duration, degree of correlation with other events, content, complexity, travel during the hunt, travel to and from the location, accommodation and meal arrangements, and prize requirements are amongst the variables that are considered.

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