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Sibi is 163 kms from Quetta. It has great historical importance. It derives its name from Sewa race. The name of Alexander and the Muslim conquers like Muhammad Bin Qasim, Mehmood Ghaznavi and Nasir-ud-Din Kabacha are associated with this place. Mir Chaker Khan Rind, the legendary Baluch hero, built a massive fort in the 15th century near Sibi, the remains of which are found near the town.

During the British rule a residency and Victoria Memorial Hall known as Jigra Hall were built where annual Jigras were held until Pakistan came into being. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ail Jinnah also presided over the annual Darbar at Sibi as first Governor General of Pakistan. The Jigra Hall is now converted into a museum. It has a collection of pieces found at the archaeological sites of Mehrgarh, Nasshero and Pirak.

The annual Sibi festival marks the famous horse and cattle Show with other festivities held in the month of February.

Neolithic Mehrgarh is a 9000 years old site of settlement in Karachi district at the foot of Bolan Pass near Sibi. Supported by Pakistan's Department of Archaeology, French archaeologists are carrying out extensive excavations, studies and research have lead to pushing back these settlements to some 9000 years. Thus the chronology of civilization in Pakistan established through the study of Moenjodaro and Harappa has been pushed back by over 4000 years.

Research shows that the people have lived in houses and were involved in hunting, domestication of animals and farming cereals like barley and wheat and later cotton too. This hunting-farming society developed gradually and their pursuits were creative. During the early period these people used stone and bone tools. Subsequently they produces and wore ornaments of beads, sea shells and semi-precious stones like Lapis lazuli. A museum has been set up at Sibi where a wide range of rare finds from the site of Mehrgarh are on display.

The Balochistan coast-line extends over 750 kms. For Hub near Karachi to the Gwadar bye on Pakistan-Iran border. The whole area is rich with long un spoilt golden sunny beaches and a variety of sea fish. Because of the importance of this coast Pasni, Jiwani and Gwadar, the three important coastal towns, have been linked by air with Karachi and Quetta. Gaddani beach near Karachi, is an industrial zone based on fisheries.

The coastal tribes are also as colorful as that of central and upper Balochistan. Their colorful customs, songs and dances are equally fascinating.

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